Monday, December 14, 2015

50 Best Songs from 2015

According to my personal (and, if I may say so) magnificent taste...

Mystery Of A Blood Red Rose - Avantasia
Anywhere Loud - Imperial State Electric
Face The Fact - Degreed
I Don't Wanna Say I'm Sorry - Eclipse
Let Me Throw My Life Away - Imperial State Electric
Gone Too Long - The Answer
He Is - Ghost B.C.
The Scam - Degreed
The Storm - Eclipse
Living For The Nighttime - The Night Flight Orchestra

All Over My Head - Imperial State Electric
Better Safe Than Sorry - Degreed
Mexico - The Dead Daisies
Th1rt3en Or Nothing - Backyard Babies
Love Me, Love Me Not - Degreed
How Long - The Winery Dogs
Stiletto - The Night Flight Orchestra
Just Let Me Know - Imperial State Electric
Long Live The Renegades - The Answer
Neverneverland - Jay Smith

The Red And The Black - Iron Maiden
Love Bites - Eclipse
Burn In The Night - Ryan Adams
The Light - Disturbed
Hello - Shakra
Casters Of The First Stone - Saffire
If Eternity Should Fail - Iron Maiden
Immortalized - Disturbed
Tomorrow Never Comes - Zac Brown Band
To Hell And Back - Symphony X

Captain Love - The Winery Dogs
Like A River Runs - Bleachers
We Built This House - Scorpions
All You Had To Do Was Stay - Ryan Adams
Speaking In Tongues - Young Guns
Under The Red Cloud - Amorphis
Face Everything And Rise - Papa Roach
Goin' Down With The Ship - Michael Monroe
Dangerous - Def Leppard
Saint Cecilia - Foo Fighters

Swing Of Death - Jorn Lande & Trond Holter
Homegrown - Zac Brown Band
Wish To Carry On - Buckcherry
Aristocrat - The Answer
Never Give Up On You - Khymera
First Kiss - Kid Rock
Absolution - Ghost B.C.
We Belong - Def Leppard
Wild Woman - Danko Jones
Something More Than Free - Jason Isbell

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