Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Kiss Albums - Ranking

All the KISS Albums, ranked from the best album to the worst album. All in my point of view. Included are also the best and worst track from every album, along with one gem that's a favorite of mine and a song you may not have heard or thought of before.

1. Kiss (1974)
Best track: Black Diamond
Worst track: Love Theme From Kiss
Gem: Firehouse

2. Alive II (1977)
Best track: I Stole Your Love
Worst track: Rockin' In The USA
Gem: Makin' Love

3. Alive! (1975)
Best track: Rock Bottom
Worst track: Watchin' You
Gem: 100,000 Years

4. Destroyer (1976)
Best track: Detroit Rock City
Worst track: Great Expectations
Gem: Flaming Youth

5. Dressed to Kill (1975)
Best track: C'mon And Love Me
Worst track: She
Gem: Anything For My Baby

6. Creatures Of The Night (1982)
Best track: I Still Love You
Worst track: Saint And Sinner
Gem: Rock And Roll Hell

7. Revenge (1992)
Best track: God Gave Rock & Roll To You II
Worst track: Spit
Gem: Thou Shalt Not

8. Alive III (1993)
Best track: Creatures Of The Night
Worst track: Rock And Roll All Nite
Gem: I Was Made For Lovin' You

9. Paul Stanley (1978)
Best track: Tonight You Belong To Me
Worst track: Hold Me, Touch Me
Gem: It's Alright

10. MTV Unplugged (1995)
Best track: Sure Know Something
Worst track: 2,000 Man
Gem: Comin' Home

11. Monster (2012)
Best track: Take Me Down Below
Worst track: Shout Mercy
Gem: Freak

12. Love Gun (1977)
Best track: Love Gun
Worst track: Then She Kissed Me
Gem: Got Love For Sale

13. Rock And Roll Over (1976)
Best track: I Want You
Worst track: Ladies Room
Gem: Mr Speed

14. Sonic Boom (2009)
Best track: Say Yeah
Worst track: I'm An Animal 
Gem: Never Enough

15. Alive IV (2003)
Best track: Detroit Rock City
Worst track: Great Expectations
Gem: Shandi

16. Psycho Circus (1998)
Best track: Psycho Circus
Worst track: Journey Of 1,000 Years 
Gem: Dreamin'

17. Hot In The Shade (1989)
Best track: Hide Your Heart
Worst track: Boomerang
Gem: King Of Hearts

18. Hotter Than Hell (1974)
Best track: Got To Choose
Worst track: Watchin' You
Gem: Mainline

19. Lick It Up (1983)
Best track: A Million To One
Worst track: Gimme More
Gem: Exciter

20. Crazy Nights (1987)
Best track: Crazy, Crazy Nights
Worst track: No, No, No
Gem: My Way

21. Unmasked (1980)
Best track: Easy As It Seems
Worst track: Torpedo Girl
Gem: Tomorrow

22. Animalize (1984)
Best track: Heaven's On Fire
Worst track: Murder In High Heels
Gem: Thrills In The Night

23. Carnival Of Souls (1997)
Best track: In My Head
Worst track: Childhood's End
Gem: Master & Slave

24. Ace Frehley (1978)
Best track: Rip It Out
Worst track: Ozone
Gem: What's On Your Mind

25. Dynasty (1979)
Best track: Magic Touch
Worst track: 2,000 Man
Gem: Dirty Livin'

26. Asylum (1985)
Best track: Tears Are Falling
Worst track: Radar For Love
Gem: Trial By Fire

27. The Elder (1981)
Best track: The Oath
Worst track: Under The Rose
Gem: Just A Boy

28. Gene Simmons (1978)
Best track: Radioactive
Worst track: True Confessions
Gem: Mr Make Believe

29. Peter Criss (1978)
Best track: I Can't Stop The Rain
Worst track: Kiss The Girl Goodbye
Gem: Hooked On Rock 'N Roll

*   *   *
Not on the list (greatest hits-albums with new tracks)
Killers (1982, 4 new tracks)
Best track: Nowhere To Run

Smashes, Thrashes & Hits (1988, 3 new tracks)
Best track: Let's Put the X in Sex

You Wanted The Best, You Got The Best (1996, 4 new live-tracks)
Best track: Room Service

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