Monday, June 17, 2013

Traveller - new album from Jorn

Norweigan hard rockers Jorn has just released a new album called Traveller. It's a 10 song kick-in-the-face album with one of the best singers out there, Jorn Lande.
And it really is Jorn himself that is the star of the album, as far as I'm concerned almost every song ever written can sound better with Jorn singing it. Such powerful vocals! The songs doesn't even have to be that good (as is the case with some of the songs on Traveller) - they still sound awesome.

Don't know who Jorn Lande is? Then look into some of his other bands like Masterplan, Ark, Allen/Lande and of course all of his work with Tobias Sammet in the Avantasia project. Do that now.

Back to Traveller; the best song is Monsoon. No doubt, no question, no competition. Other good songs worth noticing is Make Your Engine Scream, Traveller and Overload.

Traveller (full album)

Overload @ 00:00
Traveller @ 09:52
Make Your Engine Scream @ 19:59
Monsoon @ 39:11

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