Monday, September 9, 2013

Top 10 Buckcherry Songs

10. Never Say Never - a good rocker with some really cool verses with good vocals and a solid solo.

9. Our World - feels like an attempt at a single with its environmental theme. So the lyrics aren't what you'd call cool, but nevertheless this is a good song with a catchy chorus.

8. Everything - starts out with a very calm verse and then explodes into a great chorus. But it really is the short but effective verses that makes me dig this cut.

7. These Things - a classic rock ballad with soft verses and a powerful chorus. Very cool vibrato from the singer, Josh Todd, throughout the verses makes this one a gem.

6. Oh My Lord - a very fun and funky rock song, one of the best from the album All Night Long. Love the verses and the chorus. Sounds unlike many other songs, but stills feels very Buckcherried.

5. Don't Go Away - A tie with Sorry on being their best ballad. The chorus in this one is absolutely perfect, with some of Josh Todd's best vocals and classic vibrato. Not as famous as Sorry, but personally I think this one is probably the better one.

4. Sorry - probably Buckcherry's most famous song. It reached the mainstream media and did good. As a ballad, it's perfect. Good lyrics, nice verses, big chorus, emotional vocals - everything you want. And the theme is universal - apologizing and forgiving.

3. Nothing Left But Tears - single from the latest album Confessions and the best track on the record. The chorus is really cool. I love the playing from the bass/rhythm section in the verses and the heavy drums in the chorus. High quality rock song where you really notice the bands playing abilities.

2. Crazy Bitch - probably their second most famous song, probably because of its title. But again, this is a great hard rock song. It's clearly their most badass song, heavy playing, sex and plenty of 'fucks' in the lyrics. A good recipe for making a hard rocker popular! Song's f*cking bitchin'!

1. Child Called It - a gem that I found not too long ago. It has grown on me to become my favorite Buckcherry song. Great tempo, nice riff, cool bass, perfect chorus. And it really made me start listening to their lyrics more. And I  have now realized: Buckcherry writes good fucking songs!!

Buckcherry's debut album released in 1999

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