Friday, January 10, 2014

Ron Pope - Calling Off The Dogs (new album)

The best way to describe Ron Pope is probably as a pop/rock singer/songwriter combination. He is probably most famous for his ballads and love songs, but last year I saw the guy on Bravalla festival and I can tell you he really brought it. A lot more "rock" than I anticipated.

Anyway, Ron Pope has a new album out called Calling Of The Dogs. The first single is Lick My Wounds - a really cool pop/rock song with a pretty cool guitar riff and, as usual, good singing and a funky chorus! It is also the best song on the album...

Lick My Wounds (music video)

1. Lick My Wounds
2. Empty Page
3. Explain
4. Silver Spoon
5. Signs
6. Push Me Away
7. Nothing
8. Off Your Feet
9. Back To Bed
10. New Friends
11. Blood From A Stone

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