Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Edguy - Space Police: Defenders of the Crown

Edguy has just released a new album! The title is Space Police: Defenders of the Crown. This is a title that represents the Edguy spirit very well, a bit tongue-in-cheek and fun...

This Edguy spirit I'm talking about is about having a good time with some good old heavy metal, it's about having fun, goofing around and not taking yourself too seriously. This album delivers precisely that! A bunch of high quality, fun, accessible heavy metal songs with powerful guitars and big choruses.

The album starts off hard with Sabre & Torch to set the tone for the album. The title track Space Police follows and here we go! As soon as we reach the first chorus I'm smiling like a f*cking retard at how good fun it is! I also have to mention Love Tyger, a straight forward heavy metal glam bomb that takes me back in time to the 80's. More contemporary sounding is Do Me Like A Caveman with it's amazing bass-line, another truly fantastic not-so-serious-but-still-metal track...

A great album, certainly among the best Edguy has ever done. It deserves all the praise it can get, which I hope it does, which in turn will annoy a lot of people that take both themselves and their music way too seriously. This album will put a big stupid smile on your face, which is what it's all about! Tobias Sammet has done it again...

Sabre & Torch (video)

Love Tyger (video)

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