Thursday, September 4, 2014

The perfect work-out mix

The locker room:
Resist and Bite - Sabaton
Creatures of the Night (live) - Kiss
Inferno - HEAT

Black John - Stone Sour
Dead But Rising - Volbeat
Double Nature - Mustasch

Lifting weights:
Primo Victoria - Sabaton
Deuce (live) - Kiss
Pool of Booze, Booze, Booza (live) - Volbeat
Where The Dead Ships Dwell - In Flames
Hector's Hymn - Hammerfall
Ghost Division - Sabaton
Ten Thousand Fists - Disturbed
Fear Is The Weakness - In Flames
A Warrior's Call - Volbeat
Attero Dominatus - Sabaton
Absolute Zero - Stone Sour
Deliver Us - In Flames
Stricken - Disturbed
Afterlife - Avenged Sevenfold
The Quiet Place - In Flames
Warrior - Disturbed
Into the Light - Papa Roach

The abs:
Departed - The Treatment
No Way Back - Foo Fighters
D***k, F**k, F***t - The Treatment
Satellite - Rise Against
I Bleed Rock + Roll - The Treatment
Say Fuck It - Buckcherry
The Doctor - The Treatment

Going home:
Had Enough - Danko Jones
Carolus Rex - Sabaton
Man Against The World - Survivor

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