Thursday, March 5, 2015

KISS Albums Ranked 1-20

Saw this on Ultimate Classic Rock's website and it needs a response... Not that they are totally wrong, but some stuff needs to be put right! Note that all albums are great and that KISS is the hottest band in the world. KISS has released 20 studio albums and 4 live albums.

1. KISS - the heart and soul
2. Destroyer - all the classics
3. Creatures of the Night - no filler just killer
4. Dressed To Kill - great obscure gems
5. Revenge - heaviest songs, badass Gene
6. Love Gun - lots of great moments
7. Hotter Than Hell - heavy, dark and early
8. Rock And Roll Over - some great classics
9. Lick It Up - killer writing, few lows
10. Psycho Circus - super Paul, average band
11. Unmasked - great songs, thin production
12. Sonic Boom - good songs but no peaks
13. Monster - good songs but Paul's voice
14. Hot In The Shade - some great, lots of filler
15. Carnival of Souls - different but heavy
16. Asylum - average songs but Kulick
17. Dynasty - two of their greatest, but bad stuff too
18. Crazy Nights - too much synth, Paul awesome
19. Animalize - too fast, lots of filler
20. The Elder - too weird, but the Oath

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