Friday, October 5, 2012

KISS "Monster" - First session

The new KISS album "Monster" was released today in Sweden.

Haven't got my 3D CD yet (need to have all the cd's in the collection), but it's out on Spotify and iTunes. After the first listening session (expensive earphones cranked up LOUD) with 100% focus I've got some thoughts…

*Favorite 3 songs after the first session would probably be Freak, Eat Your Heart Out and Take Me Down Below

*Monster is better than Sonic Boom (SB was great, so that says something)

*The album is one of the more hard rocking albums to date (probably closest to Creatures and Revenge)

*I'm sure the album will grow on me

*KISS has 4 great singers

*I want to hear the bonus song Right Here, Right Now - yep, that's correct - right here and right now!!

I will do a more extensive post when I've heard the album a couple of more times…

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