Friday, August 16, 2013

Top 10 Avantasia Songs

Avantasia is the brainchild and side project  of Edguy's frontman Tobias Sammet. Under the description metal opera Sammet gathers guest vocalists and musicians to record and tour with the core of the band that is Avantasia. This allows for a wide variety of material, from hard rock and heavy metal to ballads and epic 10-minute songs. With a bunch of great singers to assist Sammet there's a lot of great songs to choose from. SO, here's my pick of the greatest Avantasia songs!

1. The Wicked Symphony (w/ Jorn Lande, Russell Allen) - an epic hard-rocker with a lot of power, two world-class rock singers and a super chorus. Great fun and great talent, which is what this project is all about!

2. Down In The Dark (w/ Jorn Lande) - Jorn Lande is the star in this one with his powerful vocal abilities. Jorn's vocals on this track is actually freakishly amazing, as any hard rock fan could tell.

3. Your Love Is Evil - A track for Tobias Sammet alone, and the man does not disappoint. Great singing and just a very cool rock song, no epicness just simple, fun rock!

4. Forever Is A Long Time (w/ Jorn Lande) - Another outlandish vocal performance from Jorn Lande. This is pure power. The collaboration between Lande and Sammet works perfect on this one.

5. The Scarecrow (w/ Jorn Lande) - Another great epic song about being a little different. It's a perfect metal epic with great vocals. When the song climaxes after the (a bit too long) instrumental break, I have my own ear-climax. Metal!!

6. Shelter From The Rain (w/ Michael Kiske, Bob Catley) - Michael Kiske has a very special voice which fits this track perfectly. An up-tempo metal song with an insane chorus vibrato from Kiske. After the first chorus, you'll want to hear the next one immediately because it's bone-chilling!

7. Stargazers (w/ Jorn Lande, Russell Allen, Michael Kiske) - Another long great epic that has a lot of diversity thanks to the four(!) different singers. Russell Allen is back once again with his perfect rock voice and even though he doesn't have that many lines he really stands out.

8.  Twisted Mind (w/ Roy Khan) - A powerful hard-rocker with a very mean-spirited intro and a guitar riff that melts faces. It's a very 'evil' song and I love it! The only thing I don't really like is the break in the middle, before the guitar solo, which is a bit too long. Other than that, both devil horns up!

9. Alone I Remember (w/ Jorn Lande) - As always a great vocal performance from both Sammet and Lande in a classic hard rock song with a great chorus that gets stuck immediately. But what makes this song one to remember is Bruce Kulick's guitar brilliance in the beginning of the song.

10. Dying For An Angel (w/ Klaus Meine) - A German metal opera with the singer from the Scorpions? That ought to work. And it does because Klaus Meine really lifts this song with his instantly recognizable voice. Great rock song, so… Vorwärts Deutschland!

-  -  - Almost made it -  -  -

Lost In Space - Tobias Sammets only obvious attempt at making a hit-single. Nothing wrong with that because I really like the song. It's not as hard as much of the other Avantasia material. But this is one of Tobi's best vocal performances ever in my opinion.

Angel of Babylon (w/ Jorn Lande) - A powerful title track that's just outside of the list because it's not Lande's best performance. He's relying solely on power here, with no real versatility.

Where Clock Hands Freeze (w/ Michael Kiske) - magical singing from Michael Kiske and the only song from the new album Mystery of Time. 


  1. My favourite(Shuffled) - Crestfallen, Sign of the Cross, Down in the Dark, Twisted Mind, The Toy Master, Death is just a Feeling, Spectres, Black Orchid, Blizzard on a Broken Mirror, The Scarecrow, The Tower, What's Left of Me, Rat Race :P

  2. You might allready know, but jorn is actually norwegian

  3. Jorn is actually norwegian