Sunday, August 25, 2013

Top 10 Sister Hazel songs

1. Your Winter - one of the best ballads/love songs I've heard. A song about regret. The intro gets me every time, it's just fantastic. Beautiful and emotional singing.

2. Swan Dive - a complete opposite of the previous song. It's a very happy song, a bit up-tempo with some really funky guitar-playing. The singing is great, fantastic melody and through the verses it's almost with a rap-like feel from the singer.

3. Come Around - a great song that works fantastic both acoustic and electric. Nice lyrics and a cool chorus. Great singing as usual. Electric version has a tasty guitar riff as well.

4. World Inside My Head - another great ballad. It's hard to explain this song, but the lyrics are really good and the chorus feels like sunshine. To be short, the song is self-explanatory inside my head. Pun intended.

5. Your Mistake - An up-tempo song that boosts the mood on any given day. Not because of what it's about, but because of the feeling that the song gives you. It's really a song of, and about, passion. Also, the chorus is addictive.

6. Meet Me In The Memory - another mood-booster that makes a somewhat sad thing (like a long distance relationship?) feel like a happy and hopeful song. The chorus is actually fun. Great lyrics and singing, the break before the last choruses is really cool.

7. Feel It - first, the live version is superior to the studio version. Second, on the album Before The Amplifiers it's introduced as the first Sister Hazel song that ever was. Well, I guess that's what you call a good start. A fun song that is hard to get tired of.

8. Stay Awhile - the most recent song on the list has a little bit more of a country thing going on. Nothing wrong because I really like this one, it's great.

9. Release - a great song with a very nice groove and tempo. Great singing of course. The chorus is sing-a-long friendly, it's just one of those feel good songs.

10. Where Do You Go - last song on the list is another ballad. The verses in this one is what makes it so great, they're fantastic and feels as if performed very emotionally. Nice song to finish off the list.

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And if you by now for some reason haven't gotten any from the girl you're playing this to, then try this album to seal the deal… Before The Amplifiers is their acoustic live album which is just a bunch of great songs made fantastic on stage. Here's three examples: Hold On / Shame / This Kind of Love

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