Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Imperial State Electric - Reptile Brain Music (new album)

Imperial State Electric just released a new album called Reptile Brain Music. A fitting title since the album is packed with straight forward, simple, guitar driven rock & roll. It really is music for the reptile part of our brain, its relying heavily on basic instinct! Short, compact and energetic songs, 2-3 minutes long.
It's a great record with a lot of nice riffs and classic 70's guitar solos. Lovely analog drums and genuine imperfect vocals makes the album very charming in its simplicity. From the raunchy quickie Emptiness Into The Void, to the easy-going Nothing Like You Said It Would Be and over to the perfect Paul Stanley/Kiss tribute song Stay The Night.

Best track: Stay The Night
+ for the lovely analog sound
- for the lack of variation

Track listing:

1. Emptiness Into The Void
2. Underwhelmed
3. Faustian Bargains
4. Reptile Brain
5. More Than Enough Of Your Love
6. Dead Things
7. Apologize
8. Stay The Night
9. Eyes
10. Born Again
11. Nothing Like You Said It Would Be
12. Down In The Bunker

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