Friday, October 3, 2014

Music of the Week (40)

Tom Petty - The Waiting
//A feelgood track, as is the mark of Petty's songwriting//

In Flames - Through Oblivion
//Great song from the new album, heavy and an unusual display of vocals//

Richie Kotzen - Paint It On
//Kotzen is a killer songwriter, and this is his best ballad//

Lenny Kravitz - New York City
//Strong comeback track, very groovy and nice album cover//

Ryan Adams - Stay With Me
//The second best song of his latest album, his voice is gold//

Masterplan - Far From the End of the World
//Powerhouse vocals from one of the best, yet still melodic and catchy//

Sonata Arctica - Paid In Full
//Melodic metal like this is not made anymore, sadly//

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