Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Degreed - We Don't Belong (new album)

Feel like I need to promote this band called Degreed because they are not nearly as famous as they should be, so here's a short introduction of the band. Degreed is a melodic hard rock band from Sweden, the music has keyboard elements and stylish classic rock vocals. The band was formed in 2005, debut album came out 2010 and the second album We Don't Belong was released earlier this year.

Their first album received a lot of good reviews, and songs like B.O.D, Arms of Misery and My Fall are melodic ear candy. And the second album is even better. The sound has evolved, it's a bit more modern. The vocals really impress me, and they should because the singer Robin Ericsson actually participated in the Swedish Idol program in 2008 and reached place 6.

Degreed continues the Swedish melodic hard rock tradition alongside bands like Europe, Treat and HEAT in outstanding fashion! Some  songs on the new album to prove my point? How about What If, Blind Hearted and Access Denied...

Track listing:
1. Black Cat
2. What If
3. In For The Ride
4. Inside Of Me
5. Follow Her Home
6. Blind Hearted
7. Here I Am
8. Access Denied
9. Coming Home
10. We Don't Belong

Music Video: What If

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