Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Jay Smith - King Of Man (new album)

Jay Smith has released a new record, called King Of Man, the first under his own name since the debut in 2010. During the three year space Jay Smith worked with his band Von Benzo, that band is now on hold.

Jay Smith won the swedish Idol in 2010 and was probably the only real "sex, drugs & rocknroll" rocker I've ever seen win any competition like this. Could only in hardrock-crazy Sweden, I guess.

This new album is not exactly a 10/10, but it's the fact that Jay Smith is back that is the real event here. Even so, there are a couple of cool tracks: The Blues, Keeps Me Alive and Worries Won't Bring It Back is all great hard and bluesy songs. Keeps Me Alive even includes a Supertramp-esque saxophone solo!

1. The Blues
2. Women
3. Keeps Me Alive
4. King Of Man
5. Cowboys From Hell
6. Sanctuary
7. Keep Your Troubles At Bay
8. Ode To Death (Little Sister)
9. Tramp Of Love
10. Evil I Might Be
11. Worries Won't Bring It Back
12. Sanctuary Revisited

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