Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The 1975 - album and videos

The 1975 is one of the coolest new rock groups right now. And as many other cool bands throughout history they are from the UK. I first saw them on Conan O'Brien's show on tbs where they performed a live version of their first single Chocolate.

I really liked the song, added it to my Spotify playlist and sort of forgot about it. But the other day I realized; what about the full album? So I looked it up and, let me tell you, it did not disappoint!
From the funky starting track Chocolate all the way through 15 other tracks it's an album filled with cool songs. The sound is very modern and unlike anything I've heard from any other new band - a mix between rock, pop, 80's sound and modern electronic music. And an unusual vocal style to top it off!

To really hear that uber-cool 80's twist I suggest the track Heart Out which is one of my favorites. Some other great songs are The City, Talk! and of course Chocolate. The full album is called 'The 1975' so check these guys out!

Chocolate (live on Conan)

The City



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